Developing Accuracy in Treatments and Diagnosis Powered by Capsules and Wireless Technology

By Sacha Heppell - September 03, 2020

MedStreet Journal Podcast Features  Chief Technology Officer of SmartTab 

Doug Miller is the Chief Technology Officer at SmartTab and a Senior Engineer with wide experience in developing biomedical devices, designing software and prototypes, and just about everything that involves electronics, computer systems, and technology. Doug will join us in this episode to talk about the innovations they’re currently working on in SmartTab for the health tech industry and how wireless technology plays a critical role in the accuracy and efficacy of diagnosis and treatments of various diseases especially cancer and other critical conditions. More interestingly, he’ll show us the wonders of pursuing our passions and spending the rest of our lives doing the things we love.
“Think carefully on what you want to do as a career. Make sure it’s something you really enjoy and it’s going to make you happy. Because you’re going to spend a large percentage of the rest of your life doing that.”- Doug Miller [21:35]

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