The Digital Tsunami Approaching Pharmacy and Wireless Ingestible Pills

By Sacha Heppell - August 26, 2020

Digital technologies are having a significant impact in the future, not only for patients dealing with chronic diseases and for doctors, but also on the practice of pharmacy. The exploding tsunami of digital ingestible pills and a technology that complements SmartTab’s drug delivery platform. Introducing EtectRX, the company behind an FDA cleared ingestible event marker, a sensor embedded into a gel cap that patients take and can measure and monitor adherence.

EtectRX's ID-Cap™ System provides real-time, dose-level ingestion event verification for advanced patient medication adherence.  Harry Travis, the former President and CEO that brought the company to where it is today was interviewed on the Who Would Have Thought podcast about digital health innovation. Harry's success with EtectRX and extraordinary background in pharmacy makes him an influential speaker on digital technologies transforming the practice of pharmacy. He was interviewed about the impact of digital technology on the practice of pharmacy by fellow pioneer in the ingestible technology space, Robert Niichel, the Founder and CEO of SmartTab.

Harry Travis, served as the president and CEO of EtectRX since 2016. Valerie Sullivan has been appointed as the next President and CEO shortly after the launch of the podcast. Harry J. Travis, will continue serving the company on its board of directors. Learn more about the new leadership announcement here.


Who Would Have Thought Podcast - Episode 3 Preview - The Impact of Digital Technology on Pharmacy

During the Who Would Have Thought podcast we take a look at the potential of pharmacogenomics, the impact of AI moving in the direction of pharmacy, social determinants of health, in terms of how you get a better picture of what is going on or what could go wrong with a patient. Telemedicine and how COVID has accelerated the progress for digital health and finally dive into the digital tsunami of ingestible technologies and what’s in store for their evolution in the future.

Be part of discussions about topics such as digital format evolving for prescription drugs with online services and how that blends into the pharmacist. Listen to Harry´s vision on what the future of pharmacy will look like through two main trends. One on the side of the medication, its outcome and the quantifying of the outcome and reengineering, restructuring the role of the pharmacist.





There is a strong movement and its finally gaining traction to get the pharmacist provider status so they can bill for their time.  Just like a physician, just like a nurse, just like a physical therapist, just like a respiratory therapist. If you’re interested in learning more about provider status and how the profession is changing go to





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