Fostering Talent for Digital Health

By Sacha Heppell - September 10, 2020

Every entrepreneur in digital health needs a transformative mindset, that part’s a given. As the head of the organization, they can’t inspire true innovation without a transformative mission. However, it’s also essential to have team members at every level who can share in this mindset. Sourcing this talent though, can be quite the challenge.

Discussing this hefty task and how it can be surmounted on the Who Would Have Though podcast is Polina Hanin, Principal of Aequitas Partners which she joined after spending eight years as the Portfolio Director at Startup Health as the company’s first employee. Polina has a passion for entrepreneurs with a belief that success comes from having a commitment to a big mission, with a team and network that is equally focused. At Aequitas, Polina works hand in hand with clients to define their recruitment strategy and make sure that the people who are brought into any company have the right mindset and capabilities to have an immediate impact.

So, what secrets did we uncover for hiring the right talent? Hanin provides some industry insights, her most adamant of which is defining your position and capacity. These are fundamental to hiring in any industry, but Hanin goes into the importance of what it means to truly understand your hire in relation to your company.


Who Would Have Thought Podcast - Episode 4 Preview - Hiring Talent to Drive Digital Health

Examining and refining your company image is a big part of attracting the best talent out there, but it’s also essential to attracting the right talent for you. In this podcast we dive into the increasing significance of your digital presence. In an ever advancing world, staying on top of your image and mission on social media and the wider web may be the best tools at your disposal.

But that isn’t the only thing changing in our tech driven world, the fascinating evolution of digital hiring can’t be overlooked. From traditional community hubs isolated to a single city, to the default in-person interview and proximity hiring, everything is evolving. As Hanin explains, now that remote work has become so prevalent, the competition is exploding. Talent can more freely select their next position, while companies can more freely select their next hire. A promising future for those in niche industries.

The Health Talent Exchange

We also get some insight into Hanin’s newest project at Aequitas Partners, the Health Talent Exchange. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly rising unemployment and the digital health explosion, this free platform connects a new pool of job hunters to digital health companies. An exciting way to inject new talent into the industry who would have otherwise gone into a different field.

Listen to this episode of Who Would Have Thought with Paulina Hanin for a deep dive into the world of talent acquisition.




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