Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Healthcare Providers

By Sacha Heppell - November 17, 2020

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized healthcare and continues to advance to empower doctors as well as other healthcare providers. Artificial Intelligence is making its way to diagnostic, scheduling and workflow. You will start seeing it more integrated and more democratized to things like visits online, virtual doctors, etc.  AI can help doctors work faster, see more patients, make decisions based on more accurate information, and decrease the workload.

There has been a lot of research regarding AI in various fields of medicine. As COVID-19 devastates the globe, the United States is going to invest more than $2 billion over the next 4-5 years in AI-related healthcare research.

We spoke with two experts in AI and Machine Learning on the Who Would Have Thought podcast who are advancing AI at Biocogniv.  Artur Adib, PhD Founder and CEO of Biocogniv as well as George Hauser, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Biocogniv, joined the podcast for a conversation about the future of AI. They shared their expertise and what's in the pipeline with a revolutionary COVID-19 screening they are developing at Biocogniv. Their team is identifying unmet needs in hospital systems and working to address those unmet needs with AI, starting with COVID-19.

“Whether it be extending life, improving quality of life or showing a clear monetary saving, those are very hard outcomes to achieve and working towards an AI system that can do that in a real world setting. That is what needs to be demonstrated and demonstrated repeatedly in many different areas.” 


Who Would Have Thought Podcast - Episode 7 Preview - Empowering Doctors with AI

Dr. Hauser shares about the integration of computers with healthcare providers versus the replacement of healthcare workers. AI does some things well but may not be able to solicit information from someone who is reticent to give that information but a computer is much better integrating a large amount of information. They have to work together.

In the podcast, they discuss how AI is playing an immense role in the medical community, both with covid-19 and other issues, and how they intend on scaling up their technologies to meaningfully impact our future.  They detail the key challenges they’re facing, what the future holds and how AI can support virtual healthcare in the short-term and long-term.  

Episode Highlights:

  • What Biocogniv’s AI platform provides for physicians
  • How AI can unlock the power of data to assist dealing with covid-19
  • Challenges with AI in the medical community
  • Scaling up their technologies to keep up with covid-19 and other conditions
  • Key issues they’re experiencing right now
  • The future of their unique technology and the AI market
  • What we have yet to discover about the benefits of AI technology
  • SmartTab’s drug delivery system + How we might use AI to expand our capabilities
  • How AI supports virtual healthcare
  • Integration of AI with healthcare providers vs. Replacement with AI
  • Maintaining a physician-focused, patient-focused mindset
  • Their next step: FDA

Curious about how AI could expand the capabilities of SmartTab’s drug delivery system? Tune in to find out!





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