One Patient and One Investor at a Time

By Sacha Heppell - March 22, 2022

Our patient-centered, Denver-based startup, SmartTab, is pioneering the digital healthcare space, but they’re simultaneously transforming the way we think about funding innovative companies as well. Traditional venture capital investment is for traditional ideas and SmartTab is something far different, so we’re confidently taking a different path. We launched our intermediate equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine this year. This opens up investments to individuals to accelerate the production of our advanced drug delivery platform.

No More Shots?

The syringe is the most fear inducing image in the medical world, symbolic of patient trepidation. Swallowing a capsule that painlessly injects active ingredients into the lining of the stomach could soon replace painful syringe injections. SmartTab is offering an escape from the pain and an alternative to the appointments. It’s pushing innovation with an injection capsule for oral delivery of biologics and large molecules, or what most people would call their “meds.” We call it InjectTab™, and it’s poised to revolutionize self-injections. 

Patients First

Patients regularly feel neglected, and it’s not just because of scary procedures like injections. Healthcare sometimes prioritizes service providers’ business models over patient experience. Too often healthcare treats the disease, and not the person. SmartTab’s provide the ability to empower patients. It’s about putting those suffering from chronic health conditions in the driver seat of their health outcomes. That’s precisely what traditional funding would’ve pushed them toward—solely keeping investors happy could jeopardize the mission and patients’ outcomes. Crowdfunding was the answer for SmartTab.

Why Crowdfunding

With such a patient-centered approach, making decisions purely based on growth would have been irresponsible for us. Novel products like InjectTab™ led us to look beyond standard investment avenues to get to market.  

“We are proud of our crowdfunding campaign, StartEngine. SmartTab is driven to create healthcare solutions that are innovatively patient-centric. Crowdfunding is a special opportunity for individual investors to have a stake in SmartTab.”

—Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO

SmartTab will continue to secure additional capital to increase their capacity to establish additional pharmaceutical partnerships, move through clinical studies and FDA submission to optimize the way medications are delivered.

Crowdfunding offers an opportunity for investors, both large and small, to join in SmartTab's mission to provide novel administration routes and effective therapies that improve patient lives. Participants in the crowdfunding enjoy direct ownership in the digital drug delivery startup.

What’s Next

This campaign follows a successful PK Preclinical Animal study of the SmartTab platform. The capsule achieved actuation and released active ingredients when receiving the wireless communication signal. Furthermore, the study validated that the capsule is capable of receiving wireless power and monitoring signals from the external source to deliver an active ingredient in a very targeted area. Currently, we are preparing for preclinical studies this Summer followed by a submission to the FDA. We anticipate bringing the first InjectTab™ to market by 2024. Be part of the journey and become a stakeholder by visiting SmartTab's equity crowdfunding page on StartEngine.



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