SmartTab Added to the Top 100 Digital Health Companies List

By Sacha Heppell - September 17, 2021

The Medical Futurist has added SmartTab to the TOP100 Digital Health Companies List

Dr. Bertalan is one of the few people who is monitoring the digital health ecosystem closely and has curated a list that brings the Top 100 companies together to paint a picture of the future of digital health. His selection criteria is based on discussions they have across the digital health landscape. From startups through government authorities to prominent innovators, they determined the major features that a company venturing into digital health must possess, to hold potential in the field. The key values they suggest include: Mindset for innovation, Truly disruptive technology, Viable business model  and Clear dedication to digital health. 

As the Medical Futurist mentioned in the article

SmartTab – A drug delivery company that’s based upon a platform technology and oral ingestible capsules. As Founder/CEO Robert Niichel told Dr. Bertalan in an interview when we deliver the drugs through SmartTab, we can add in monitoring systems very easily, we can communicate wirelessly and then all of those results get fed into a large database where you can then apply artificial intelligence algorithms.” 


SmartTab is proud to be featured as one of The Medical Futurist’s Top 100 Digital Health Companies, alongside innovative companies in the digital healthcare space Pilleve, AdhereTech and EtectRX. The Medical Futurist is a highly successful platform that shows how digital technologies, artificial intelligence and innovation shapes the future of healthcare with thousands of subscribers around the world.  

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