SmartTab Completes Successful Preclinical Animal Studies for TargetTab™ Platform

By Sacha Heppell - April 06, 2019

SmartTab is pioneering a wireless remote controlled drug delivery system, has completed pre-clinical animal studies and is preparing for human clinical trials for its core technology TargetTab™. This proprietary and patented wireless capsule will revolutionize targeted drug delivery and medicine adherence.

DENVER, CO — Prescription pills are often delivered to the wrong site, at wrong times, and without feedback, resulting in ineffective treatments, wasted medication, and high toxicity. The remote-controlled TargetTab™ is poised to change these shortcomings and revolutionize the healthcare industry. Today, there is no wireless powered and controlled ingestible electronic capsule drug delivery system on the market. SmartTab has been patented and just passed Pre-Clinical Animal studies and will be entering Human Clinical studies in the coming months.

Product Overview

  • Ingestible, wireless, remote-controlled and powered drug delivery as a capsule

  • Swallowed by patient, traveling through gastrointestinal tract

  • Releases therapeutics at the right place at the right time

  • Relays real-time data to doctors, apps, and mobile devices


With 72% of all prescription drugs’ consumption not compliant and $285 billion lost annually due to patient non-compliances, SmartTab is destined to make a profound impact on healthcare delivery. Patient benefits include decreased healthcare costs, specific body site delivery, OnDemand delivery timing, increased drug compliance, real-time monitoring, integration with Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

“We are thrilled to see the significant SmartTab progress because the success is a big win for patients. The SmartTab will cut costs and give patients more time to focus on their lives instead of worrying about a prescription drug schedule.”

SmartTab, Founder & CEO, Robert Niichel


Early Success

  • 2017- First patent issued

  • 2018- Proven actuation/release utilizing wireless power and communication system, FDA-USP Dissolution testing successful

  • 2019- Pre-Clinical Animal studies successful


About SmartTab

Velóce Corporation is developing the SmartTab Drug Delivery and Monitoring System, a wirelessly powered and remote controlled ingestible capsule that contains an electronic receiver/monitor, smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. This precision digital delivery ingestible capsule can be remotely triggered via an external device and deliver active ingredients to targeted areas. SmartTab will deliver active ingredients to highly specific areas in the human body at specific times or in response to a monitored physiological condition. The system will interface with custom or current wearable and monitoring technology to interact with Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Healthcare Systems. The SmartTab has the capability to deliver a wide range of active ingredients and interact with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to optimize patient outcomes, significantly increase prescription drug adherence, and drastically reduce healthcare costs.



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