SmartTab Presents at Elavity Pitch Day with Companies from USA and Europe

By Sacha Heppell - June 27, 2022

SmartTab, an innovator in wireless drug delivery devices, will pitch at the Elavity pitch day following the Training Venture Creation for Startups Event set to take place in June 2022. The pitch day will occur on June 28th, 2022. 

Elavity’s event is created to support startups, in the Biotech, Therapeutics, Medtech and Digital Health focus areas, launch their companies into healthcare sectors. Concluding the four day training conference, SmartTab is one of 14 companies that will participate in the pitch day. The pitch day will be attended by a community of investors & Venture Capital firms from around the US and Europe and provide an opportunity to revive feedback as well as network. 

SmartTab is presenting the InjectTab, an ingestible capsule drug delivery platform for biologics and large molecules. This capsule has “smart” capabilities that upon ingestion allow it to travel to the patient's stomach, where it attaches to the lining and uses its built in microneedle to deliver a painless dose of medicine to the patient. InjectTab’s “smart” features additionally provide for an opportunity to wirelessly track the capsule and simultaneously monitor patient vitals. The delivery of small liquid and large molecule drugs as well as biologics which are typically administered via self-injection will be able to be more optimally delivered with the use of InjectTab. 


"We are proud to be part of this global event bringing together leaders in health tech from the USA and Europe."

-Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO, SmartTab

About SmartTab

Veloce Corporation (dba “SmartTab” or the “Company”) is currently engaged in the design, development and validation of next generation ingestible capsule drug delivery systems. InjectTab™ is a microneedle capsule with sensors and microprocessor that confirm ideal positioning of the capsule and deliver life saving biologic medication through an oral route of administration. Based in Denver, Colorado, it operates from their world-class innovation center for patient-centered delivery systems.

About Elavity 

ELAVITY is a unique venture consulting & venture building firm representing creative clients in and between Europe, UK and USA. The firm specializes in all business creation- related matters for early-stage spin-outs, from pre-seed to Series A. They guide you in a step-by-step method through the pathway towards commercialization of your technology and proudly work with partner firms who bring in expertise in the Intellectual Property, Legal & Regulatory fields.



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