SmartTab Showcases Wireless Drug Delivery System At Denver Startup Week Physical Product Showcase

By Sacha Heppell - September 18, 2019


We were selected to showcase the SmartTab™ Wireless Ingestible Capsule at Denver Startup Week Physical Product Showcase on September 17th, 2019 on the Dairy Block in Denver, Colorado. Makers and entrepreneurs hosted interactive booths to help garner inspiration and creativity. Over 1,000 people came to learn about the different products and this year the SmartTab Drug Delivery and Monitoring System really stood out.

The SmartTab Wireless Ingestible Capsule made the spotlight during the event and had great feedback from attendees. Allowing us to get the word out about this innovative technology that will transform digital health and cure disease. We had a lot of positive feedback from all of the people who learned about this technology for the first time. Every day the team is working at the lab working out of our headquarters at Catalyst HTI, the Health Tech Innovation center.

Take a look at the Denver Startup Week featured article that highlights the SmartTab™ technology and our Founder // CEO, Robert Niichel.

“Imagine someday when most of your capsules and tabs have a connection with a watch or the iot. to think we went from an idea, to proof of concept, and now we’re onto human studies only three years later. we have a capsule that every human can use in the future–that is a really cool project.”

Robert Niichel, SmartTab Founder//CEO at Denver Startup Week


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