SmartTab To Present at Biopharm America 2020 Digital International Partnering Conference

By Sacha Heppell - September 17, 2020

Pioneers of Ingestible Wireless Drug Delivery Platform Continue to Make Waves in Pharmaceutical Industry

DENVERSmartTab, a digital medicine company developing innovative wireless drug delivery systems that address significant unmet medical needs, announced today that Founder and CEO, Robert Niichel, will present at BioPharm America's Annual International Partnering Conference. This life sciences partnering conference draws innovative leaders across biotech, finance, and pharma providing access to cutting-edge technologies and new potential therapies and cures through industry presentations, networking sessions and pre-scheduled partnering meetings. The conference presentations are already live on BioPharm America’s website and meetings will be held September 21-24, 2020.

"Presenting at BioPharm America is a great way to share our progress as we expand in 2020 and work toward successful animal studies of InjectTab,” says Niichel. “We will continue the momentum into 2021 with a focus on human clinical studies for TargetTab. On a mission to bring Patient-Centered Drug Delivery Systems to market."

Niichel will present an expansion of the drug delivery platform, InjectTab. “InjectTab will revolutionize the treatment of self-injections with an ingestible capsule that delivers biologics, large molecules, and proteins internally to the stomach or upper GI areas,” says Niichel. “This advancement will allow painful injections via syringe and needle to be replaced by swallowing a capsule that injects active ingredients into the lining of the stomach, where there are little to no pain receptors.”

This presentation follows a successful PK Pre-Clinical Animal study last year that demonstrated a Proof-of-Concept working model of TargetTab. According to the results from the TargetTab PK Pre-Clinical Animal Study and the pharmacokinetic profiles, the capsule achieved actuation and released active ingredients when receiving the wireless communication signal. The findings validated that the capsule is capable of receiving wireless power and monitoring signals from the external source to delivery and active ingredient in a targeted area. A pill that painlessly releases medication when and where it’s needed in the body will soon be available to the public.

About SmartTab:SmartTab has developed a personalized wireless drug delivery platform comprised of an ingestible capsule with a microprocessor, proprietary smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. We're on a mission to provide novel, effective therapies that improve patient outcomes and compliance.


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