Science has Spoken: SmartTab has Something Big

By Sacha Heppell - May 05, 2021

Digital Therapeutics and Precision Medicine

Over five million people in the U.S. suffer from Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Today, too many neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members are all dealing with debilitating stomach issues. And the culprit might not be what you think—it’s suboptimal treatment. Their conditions require targeted therapies, but that was almost impossible to come by until now.

SmartTab and their revolutionary flagship device, TargetTab™, being developed to offer people suffering from chronic stomach and bowel issues what they need to live a healthier and more productive life.

What’s TargetTab™?

SmartTab is leading the way in developing precision medicine delivery technologies, specifically for IBD through targeted gastrointestinal tract strategic release. Highly specialized yet simple innovations in the precision medicine field optimize drug delivery by integrating with the Internet of Medical Things and AI systems. SmartTab’s flagship device, TargetTab™, reduces the risk of side effects and increases dosage effectiveness in the treatment of IBD and Crohn’s, using its radiofrequency signaling technology to trigger the ideal release point of the medication in specified regions of the gastrointestinal tract. It’s a small Digital Therapeutic (DTx) that delivers medication directly to the most effective and targeted spot of the colon in order to make the most of your corticosteroids—meaning that it goes precisely where your body needs the medication and releases it at the perfect time to be absorbed.

SmartTab delivers what you need and where you need it through the targeting of the highly vascularized and inflamed area of the gastrointestinal tract. This is what’s most affected by IBD and Crohn’s. Similar to how you would put disinfectants directly onto a wound outside of the body rather than surrounding it, TargetTab™ does just that—delivering the medication directly to the affected area all while giving biometric feedback directly to you and the physician to drive medication adherence, treatment regimen planning, and biometric feedback analysis tailored specifically to you and your health needs.

Patients are People Too

Current medications aren’t specifically targeting the best locations of the bowel to treat Crohn’s and IBD, leading to increased side effects, more self-injection of medication, and higher amounts of nonadherence to medication. Today’s Crohn’s Disease and IBD medications fail to do the most important thing they were created for—healing and helping people. SmartTab is driven to improve health, and we see patients as people first.

The cohabitation of digital medicine and therapeutic delivery systems is rapidly becoming a norm in the world of pharmacology. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is the ever-changing healthcare delivery system that’s evidence-based and has been proven to improve patient outcomes. With precision medication delivery technologies, SmartTab is creating a new extension of digital healthcare to provide physicians and patients with more control and novel effective therapies.

Pre-Clinical Trials Complete

The completion of the in-vivo pre-clinical trials of TargetTab™ has now caught the attention of physicians, patients, engineers, health-technology companies, and pharmaceutical organizations. They realize the immense potential for SmartTab to reinvent the world of precision medicine. These preclinical findings are published in two major peer-reviewed medical journals. The articles demonstrate success in efficiently locating the targeted delivery area that can be applied to best treat IBD and Crohn’s Disease. TargetTab™ is ushering in a new field of pharmacokinetic and an analytically demonstrated increase of medication concentrating devices. Data is in realtime, which personalizes treatments using AI algorithms. SmartTab is advancing ingestible drug delivery technologies that will integrate into the larger digital health systems, telehealth, and advance how we interact with our medication. 

Lessons Learned

We took what we learned from TargetTab™ and created InjectTab™ — an oral biologic delivery system designed to effectively deliver biologics and large molecules in a less invasive way and transform treatment outcomes. Bench tests are underway and InjectTab™ is entering in-vivo preclinical studies. Soon, it could do away with the antiquated needle and syringe. That means less anxiety, pain, and doctor’s appointments for patients. People that suffer from chronic stomach ailments are excited about the capabilities that TargetTab™ and InjectTab™ pose.

Crohn’s Disease and IBD patients with different backgrounds spoke with us about what they need from medication. They told us that they need treatment where the absorption of medication is significantly higher and more consistent in the cecum targeted administration, than their normal oral or infusion treatments.

The remarkable impacts that the TargetTab™ showed during in-vivo preclinical trials has created a clear pathway for new innovations that will treat a variety of other conditions from Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and other gastrointestinal diseases. In the precision medicine field, SmartTab is bringing ingestible drug delivery technologies to market.

What’s Next?

SmartTab is developing two extremely promising devices while cementing the idea that digital therapeutics are now a reality that can be accessed by those who need it most. SmartTab is currently raising their Series A funding round to prepare for and complete additional studies in animals and humans. The next studies include a preclinical animal study with insulin and additional human studies. These human studies will be with prescription medicines that treat diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or Crohn’s Disease. The work being done at SmartTab today is taking medicine beyond ordinary delivery systems and empowering patients and physicians with more control in their treatment regimens.




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