Tune in to the HealthTech Hustle Podcast Featuring SmartTab CEO

By Sacha Heppell - August 11, 2020

Robert Niichel is the CEO and Founder of SmartTab. He started out in the pharmaceutical space and spent several years working on delivery systems of prescription drugs and medicines. 

With the fast emergence of wireless technology, he saw the potential of it moving further forward and that’s when the idea of SmartTab was conceived. He built this company as a platform technology designed to enhance the delivery system of prescribed drugs and medicines by utilizing wireless technology.

In this episode he is interviewed by the host Rodney Hu, discussing SmartTab’s efforts to bring a deeply patient-centered approach to drug delivery systems. How the company is working to make a difference in the lives of patients by making innovative drug delivery technology to improve treatment outcomes. The company’s mission is to bring high tech superior drug delivery systems to the market to optimize patient care. Tune in and find out exactly how the mission is coming to fruition.



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