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By Sacha Heppell - July 22, 2021

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In this episode, Founder and CEO of SmartTab, Robert Niichel (Bob) discusses how to play the long game with novel wireless ingestible technology in healthcare. He discusses with host Dr. Roxie Mooney the importance of keeping the SmartTab product patient-centered, commercializing an industry-changing technology, and engaging the patient community with the innovative SmartTab platform.

"We're looking at the patients first to see what is important to them."

-Robert Niichel, SmartTab Founder and CEO

Key moments from the podcast:

  • SmartTab emphasizes patient-focused innovation through implementing patient focus groups, targeting community outreach, and working with diverse health stakeholders in order to optimize patient outcomes. SmartTab is built out of patient need. (2:22)
  • Patient co-creation keeps SmartTab on track. Focus groups allow for us to learn more about patient concerns about not only the drug delivery platform, but also regarding digital app interface, data privacy, accessibility.  (4:47)
  • COVID acted as a catalyst for changes in how SmartTab co-creates, allowing access to patients from across the state, country, and world. This has expanded insights on the market for SmartTab. (7:33)
  • SmartTab invested early in marketing to educate the public and patients about the innovative platform. This early investment has allowed for unprecedented education of the technology while building trust with key health stakeholders. (10:43)
  • SmartTab has emphasized long-term funding. We are on a mission to improve patient lives, and are in it for the long-run. We are developing a new category with ingestible drug delivery and ensure our funding is optimized for outcomes. (19:22)
  • Large pharmaceutical companies are excited about SmartTab. Some have already engaged in strategic partnerships, and the industry understands the SmartTab platform is game-changing. (28:30)

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