A Message From SmartTab's CEO With a 2022 Update

By Sacha Heppell - July 26, 2022


SmartTab's CEO and founder Robert Niichel has created a company update to give everyone a look into all of the progress SmartTab has made in 2022 so far. Watch the update video above or read the update below:

SmartTab has made great progress since the first of the year. We are focused internally on our development to successfully meet our next milestones. Our team is currently focused on these primary areas, consisting of FDA submission, clinical trials and strategic partners.

Starting with the FDA track, you may know SmartTab has submitted a Pre-Submission with the FDA which has provided great clarity on our pathway to InjectTab’s approval. The FDA has made a determination on the pathway for InjectTab. We have had several correspondences with the FDA, letters and conference calls to determine the correct path. This technology is new territory for the FDA as well. Learn more about the pathway by contacting us and our team would be happy to set up a call to update you.

Regarding the preclinical trials for InjectTab. We have overcome the Covid-19 challenges affecting micro-processor/chip supply chain issues. We have partnered with a local engineering studio and manufacturer to fabricate on a larger scale the metal alloy micro-components utilized in the InjectTab. We are now on track to enter the preclinical study in the coming months.

We are in discussion with additional strategic partners, which will be beneficial to SmartTab fulfilling our large scale market launch activities. SmartTab is focused on partnering with progressive companies in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. We believe successful partnerships will accelerate our timeline to commercialization and continue to create additional partners.

We have expanded our team and welcomed a new engineer this quarter. While we advance the capsule platform forward, we are developing a SmartTab mobile app and care management software with biosensors to integrate with patients' health data and pair with SmartTab capsules for optimized drug delivery. The app will enable real time monitoring for patients and physicians as well as the AI systems with feedback algorithms for optimized drug delivery.

We have launched an updated website to reflect our progress. You can learn more about our recent blog and hear from patients and physicians that support our proprietary SmartTab platform. Our mission to bring InjectTab to market for painless injections and a more convenient drug delivery method for patients is gaining significantly more attention in the marketplace.

oin us at the Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor and Partnering Conference in Vail, Colorado on September 13th and 14th. SmartTab is one of the Life Science companies selected to present for the Post CoVid-19 return of the conference. Learn more about the conference and presenting companies here.

Our team is committed to bringing about a significantly improved patient-centered approach to drug delivery and optimizing the way medications are delivered into the human body. We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you updated as we progress.

Thank you,

Robert Niichel




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