Healthcare Innovation from the Rocky Mountains to the World

By Sacha Heppell - October 20, 2020

A short video about the healthcare innovation hub of Denver, Colorado and its impact on the world. 

Beautiful songs written by the likes of John Denver, Stevie Nicks and Joe Walsh; Escaping to the mountains for extended weekends, wondering aimlessly among the pines and aspens that are just as plentiful as the sunny days; Boulder, Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and all of the other cities that dot the state with a culture all their own. But one aspect of the culture of Colorado remains constant no matter where you go: the spirit of the pioneer. 

Mountains of Innovation in Colorado

Startup Health Mountains of Innovation

Mountains, delicious beer, and… medical innovation? When you think of Colorado, fun activities always come to mind. Few realize that it’s quickly becoming a hotbed for medical startups, and no, not just for medical marijuana. Sacha Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer of StartUp Health company SmartTab, shares why.


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