SmartTab Presents to Bioscience and Engineering Class at the Colorado School of Mines

By Sacha Heppell - October 19, 2020

The Next Generation of Healthcare Innovation Leadership

SmartTab was selected as the first company from Catalyst Health Tech Innovation Center to present at the Colorado School of Mines Quantitative Bioscience and Engineering program. It was a virtual presentation part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship speaker series. The students engaged with the core team of SmartTab and asked key questions about the technology. The experience benefited everyone involved and allowed SmartTab to connect with potential talent at the Colorado School of Mines who can be part of the company’s future growth. 


Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Photo from Colorado School of Mines Innovation and Entrepreneurship website. 

The Colorado School of Mines is creating a better future for our world with the McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In fact, last week they announced a plan to build the Labriola Innovation Complex will include maker spaces, project team spaces, creativity and collaboration spaces, and design project classrooms. 

“The Labriola Innovation Complex is going to further cement Mines position among the world’s top STEM-focused universities by expanding the hands-on and learning-by-doing opportunities that are key to our students’ growth as engineers and scientists, and eventually industry leaders,” said Paul C. Johnson, president of Colorado School of Mines.

The Health Transformer Mindset

SmartTab kicked off the presentation speaking about the value of being part of Startup Health and taking on a Health Transformer mindset for the entire team. What that provides for the company and the transformation of healthcare. It’s why we do what we do that fuels our mission and drives innovation. The patient's voice is at the center of it all, as we work backwards to develop advanced drug delivery systems that will significantly transform patient outcomes and improve the lives of people around the world. 


Startup Health trailer

SmartTab Wireless Drug Delivery Platform

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 09.04.44

Doug Miller, PhD, sharing about InjectTab development with Colorado School of Mines students. 

Doug Miller, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of SmartTab gave a scientific overview of each capsule in the drug delivery platform. He shared how it works and the diseases in which it can be applied for improved patient outcomes. Doug shared the results of SmartTab's most recent successful PK Pre-Clinical Animal Study. Concluding with the stages of development and commercialization plan for each application of the platform for advanced drug delivery. 

TargetTab, SmartTab's oral capsule for colon targeted drug delivery. Designed specifically for targeted delivery of medication. Successfully Completed PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2019.

InjectTab, SmartTab's oral injection capsule for biologics and large molecules. Making injections with needles a thing of the past. Preparing PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies beginning Q3 2020.

MultiTab, SmartTab's multi-compartment capsule to reside in the stomach for a week with active ingredients to release each day. Early design and prototyping complete. PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2021.

SmartTab company video

Working Together with the Community to Transform Health

Sacha Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer of SmartTab shared their involvement in the community from Denver to the world. He shared how Denver is growing as a global hub for healthcare innovation and SmartTab is right in the middle of that growth. SmartTab is also proud sponsors of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and engages often with patients to create “Patient-Centered Innovation” a commitment that drives the innovation behind their world-class center for improved drug delivery systems. 

Sacha shared how SmartTab is taking on being part of the larger conversation of digital health innovation and recently launched the “Who Would Have Thought” podcast that features the leaders in the industry and inquires into the future of digital health.  Sacha shared the partnerships they have in the community and the early development at a Colorado School of Mines building. Check out this preview of Sacha speaking during the presentation to learn more.


Preview of Sacha speaking during the Colorado School of Mines presentation

Attracting the Talent to Drive Innovation

Opportunities to speak with the future leaders of healthcare innovation is important to the SmartTab and they are grateful for the opportunity. Students asked great questions to the founding team and opened their eyes to a fresh perspective. The team at SmartTab concluded with a call to action for students who are interested in joining the team to reach out and be part of the mission to transform healthcare and patient delivery systems. 



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