SmartTab Completes Gastric Environment Validation Study for InjectTab™ Platform

By Sacha Heppell - March 15, 2022

What if you were able to simply take a pill to receive the medication you’re used to receiving through a shot, like insulin? As a leading innovator and disruptive drug delivery company, SmartTab is driving the future of drug delivery to places people would have never expected it to go and injections with a conventional syringe and needle will soon be a thing of the past.  

SmartTab's InjectTab™ Oral Biologic Delivery System is a capsule for delivery of liquid small and large molecule drugs and biologics which are typically administered via self-injection. The platform can integrate wireless two way communication capabilities to transmit key monitoring data post-delivery related to drug efficacy collected through the capsule onboard sensors within the body system to a HIPAA compliant, encrypted database for the patient and health provider to monitor each dose in real-time. SmartTab has the potential to deliver medicines more effectively during clinical trials and advance patient care delivery while reducing healthcare costs. The company is on a mission to bring patient-centered drug delivery and monitoring to the 21st century to advance clinical trials—right here, right now.

SmartTab recently completed a Gastric Environment Validation Process in the lab that demonstrates the InjectTab™ capsule functioning in a beaker as the team prepares for preclinical studies studies in the coming months. Watch the video below to learn more.



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