Startup Health Festival at ViVE Recap

By Sacha Heppell - March 18, 2022

SmartTab had a successful conference with the Startup Health Festival at ViVE in Miami Beach.

The SmartTab team was interviewed for Startup Health TV—and on the Startup Health stage over the four days highlighting SmartTab’s story and the latest progress of the InjectTab™ oral biologic delivery capsule. In addition to the precedent-setting presentation, SmartTab met with key investors and Pharma partners to advance clinical studies, regulatory, and pre-market commercialization activities.


The conference was an opportunity for connecting with the movers and shakers of healthcare. Executives from Samsung to Amazon Care, Amazon Pharmacy, CVS Health, and additional digital health-focused pharmaceutical companies. It strengthened SmartTabs' current and potential partnerships while bringing exposure to the industry of the new wave of drug delivery.

“We are bringing to market InjectTab™, to replace the syringe and needle for oral delivery of biologic pharmaceutical products.”

—Sacha Francois Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer, SmartTab

An audience of C-suite executives, senior digital health leaders and buyers, health startups and investors, government and solution providers gathered to listen to SmartTab speak with fellow Startup Health companies on a mission to transform the health and well-being of everyone on the planet. Watch Startup Health’s premier, an inspiring documentary about the transformation of healthcare.


When asked what SmartTab sees for the next five years Sacha said,

“There are 16 billion injections administered globally every year, SmartTab is one of the few companies that has strong potential to touch every person in the world. Five years from now we anticipate SmartTab technology being utilized in every prescription drug product for biologics and other prescription drugs.”

—Sacha Francois Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer said on the Health Transformer Stage.

Bringing wireless technology to pharmaceutical capsule-formed drug delivery would revolutionize medications for the 21st century. This game-changing technology is a patient-preferred route of administration for medical therapies. While breaking the barriers to adherence for patients who self-inject, the team expects this technology will be utilized in many drug products' evolution. 

Adherence rates for biologic medications are at an all-time low for patients suffering chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease, Colitis, and Rheumatoid arthritis. SmartTab is taking a patient-centered approach in the development of these novel drug delivery systems to track and optimize the medication. Ushering in an era of patient care that provides real-time feedback to physicians and AI systems—the company will be completing a preclinical animal study this summer for its revolutionary InjectTab™ platform. 

“SmartTab has taken what some may call a distant dream to a reality. We are giving everyone an opportunity to invest and hold a stake in this transformation.”

—Robert Niichel, Chief Executive Officer, SmartTab

Learn more about SmartTab's StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.



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