SmartTab Presents at BornGlobal North America Partnering Forum With the Japan External Trade Organization

By Sacha Heppell - February 22, 2021

DENVER, CO – Founder & CEO of SmartTab Robert Niichel was selected to present during the Born Global Town Hall & Forum. The event will take place virtually February 24th in Japan and February 23rd in the United States. This is a matchmaking event and forum attracts many of the most notable corporate strategics in healthcare. Niichel will present during the conference over the virtual platform.

Conference Highlights

The Digital Health Event organized by Astoria Consulting Group in Japan, in cooperation with Pfizer & Japan External Trade Organization.  The event features Toru Seo, who leads Search & Evaluation, Worldwide Business Development for Pfizer and Takanari Yamashita, Chief Executive Director from the Japan External Trade Organization. This event is a global stage for showcasing innovations across healthcare, and companies like SmartTab driving the next decade of health forward. 

"The last decade has been a decade around wearables. The next decade will be around ingestibles and we are leading the wireless revolution for more effective and patient-centered drug delivery." — Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO of SmartTab

SmartTab Product Road Map

  • TargetTab: SmartTab's oral capsule for colon targeted drug delivery. Designed specifically for targeted delivery of medication. Successfully completed PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2019.
  •  InjectTab: SmartTab's oral injection capsule for biologics and large molecules, making injections with needles a thing of the past. Preparing PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in progress.
  • MultiTab: SmartTab's multi-compartment capsule to reside in the stomach for a week with active ingredients to release each day. Early design and prototyping complete. PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2021.

About Veloce Corporation (SmartTab)

SmartTab is on a mission to advance digital drug delivery systems for effective therapies that improve patient outcomes. A patient-centered wireless drug delivery platform comprised of an ingestible capsule with a microprocessor, proprietary smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. Starting with TargetTab for precise targeted drug delivery to the colon and then InjectTab, a biologics delivery system, making needles and syringes a thing of the past.






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