SmartTab Presents During J.P. Morgan 39th Annual Healthcare Conference at Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase

By Sacha Heppell - December 15, 2020

For the second year, SmartTab will present at Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase. As an innovative medical startup that’s part of Veloce Digital Health, SmartTab continues to find success in wireless remote-controlled drug delivery and injection systems.

DENVER, CO – Founder & CEO of SmartTab Robert Niichel will present at the Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase 2021 during the J.P. Morgan 39th Annual Healthcare Conference. The event will take place virtually January 11-15. This is the dedicated home for the digital health and medtech communities during one of the healthcare industry's biggest weeks. Niichel will present during the conference over the virtual platform on demand.

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Thousands of investors will come together to innovate in healthcare. Pharmaceutical firms, healthcare service providers, nonprofits, and medical device companies attend. The goal is to bring leading minds together to discover, invest, and cure.

"The last decade has been a decade around wearables. The next decade will be the decade around ingestibles, swallables, insideables, as they call it. We are revolutionizing the way medicine is delivered for more effective and patient-centered therapies that integrate  into the digital health ecosystem." — Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO of SmartTab


Conference Highlights

The 2021 conference offers access to partneringONE® to schedule meetings, 80+ curated company presentations from innovative medtech and digital medicine companies, and panel discussions featuring industry KOLs. Attendees will have full access to Biotech Showcase Digital.

“Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase is one today’s highest caliber conferences for the life sciences’ most innovative companies and is a particularly pivotal touchpoint for those looking for partnerships and investment. We are looking forward to seeing the continued growth and success of the many exceptional companies presenting at Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase 2021. ” — Tina Gunnink, Managing Director, EBD Group US


This is the second time in a row that SmartTab has presented at the conference, during JPM 2019 in San Francisco, Robert Niichel, presented in person as seen in the video below. 



SmartTab Product Road Map

  • TargetTab: SmartTab's oral capsule for colon targeted drug delivery. Designed specifically for targeted delivery of medication. Successfully completed PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2019.
  •  InjectTab: SmartTab's oral injection capsule for biologics and large molecules, making injections with needles a thing of the past. Preparing PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in progress.
  • MultiTab: SmartTab's multi-compartment capsule to reside in the stomach for a week with active ingredients to release each day. Early design and prototyping complete. PK Pre-clinical Animal Studies in 2021.

About Veloce Corporation (SmartTab)

SmartTab is on a mission to advance digital drug delivery systems for effective therapies that improve patient outcomes. A patient-centered wireless drug delivery platform comprised of an ingestible capsule with a microprocessor, proprietary smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients. Starting with TargetTab for precise targeted drug delivery to the colon and then InjectTab, a biologics delivery system, making needles and syringes a thing of the past.

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