SmartTab to Present in the Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor and Partnering Conference in Vail

By Sacha Heppell - July 12, 2022

SmartTab, a Denver startup in the wireless drug delivery device industry, will present at the Colorado Bioscience Association’s Rocky Mountain Life Sciences Investor + Partnering Conference in September 2022. The event is set to take place September 13th and 14th in Vail, Colorado. 

The Colorado Bioscience Association designed the conference as a way to give selected life science startup companies the opportunity to showcase their ideas to medical investors and potential partners across the US. SmartTab has been one of the startup companies selected to join in the return of the conference in 2022. Since the last conference in 2019 the Association has continued to be a leader in both breakthrough research and commercialization across the US. The event also provides the chance for one on one networking and partnership opportunities throughout. 

SmartTab will present the InjectTab, one of their three wireless drug delivery systems, at the conference. The InjectTab is a capsule designed with a microneedle in it, which has the ability to painlessly deliver biologic therapeutics to patients. The capsule travels to the patient's stomach lining, where the microneedle delivers a dose of medication to the stomach lining of the patient. The InjectTab additionally will provide the ability for physicians to track and monitor vitals.

Join SmartTab in Vail September 13th and 14th to learn more.

“We are proud to be based in Colorado, a growing hub for medical technology innovation. We look forward to meeting with local leaders and creating partnerships that forward our technology in this extraordinary event.”  

-Robert Niichel, Founder and CEO, SmartTab


About SmartTab

Veloce Corporation (dba “SmartTab” or the “Company”) is currently engaged in the design, development and validation of the next generation of ingestible capsule drug delivery systems. InjectTab™ is a microneedle capsule with sensors and microprocessor that confirm ideal positioning of the capsule and deliver life saving biologic medication through an oral route of administration. Based in Denver, Colorado, it operates from their world-class innovation center for patient-centered delivery systems.


About Colorado Bioscience Association 

The Colorado Bioscience Association’s team advances life sciences in Colorado by building a collaborative, pro-innovation business environment. They expand access to capital, offer education and networking opportunities for their members, advocate for life sciences in Colorado by creating strong partnerships with policymakers and business leaders, connect their members to job seekers and job opportunities, and cultivate an educated, experienced workforce with skill development and leadership training through their Colorado BioScience Institute. 



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