SmartTab's CMO Featured on Podcasting Webinar with Wistia

By Sacha Heppell - August 16, 2021

Not every startup drives a podcast in addition to their company, the team at SmartTab on the other hand jumped to the opportunity to start a podcast on when Wistia launched their new podcasting channels feature. Wistia is an easy-to-use platform that turns your videos and podcasts into marketing machines. Wistia helps more than 375,000 businesses grow with video. SmartTab is proud to be featured on Wistia's Channels Webinar featuring SmartTab's podcast Who Would Have Thought - Digital Health Innovation Podcast. SmartTab's Chief Marketing Officer hosts the podcast with Founder and CEO Robert Niichel and it has grown to become an influential series painting a picture of the future of digital health. 

Using Content for Interactive Experiences 

FAST 50 + Colorado Inno on Fire Awards-1

Sacha participated in a webinar with the Wistia team highlighting how SmartTab utilizes the platform to create an exceptional user experience. Take a look at how you can use Wistia to embed a top-notch podcast listening experience — without sacrificing the look and feel of your player. SmartTab created a mixed-media Channel that allows their audience to choose their own content adventure. Discover how Sacha Francois Heppell, Chief Marketing Officer at SmartTab, uses interactive elements to give their audience more power over their journey. Watch the full interview here or watch below.




SmartTab was also featured in Wistia's "8 Companies Using Wistia to Host Their Podcast." Learn more here.



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